Miss Bias

31 July 2012

Garden outing

I thought I should showcase the whole outfit that was featured in my last post. I bought this dress whilst staying in the township of Victoria on Vancouver Island. The store I bought it from was a boutique store selling both men and women's clothing at an average price of $35 and accessories on average at $15. With so many different American and Canadian labels, I thought I was in retail heaven at these prices. The label of this dress is Ezra. Unfortunately, they only sell to wholesale buyers online. However, if you are in the fashion retail business, then be sure to check out their stock.

I think this dress was my favourite buy during my holidays. It was super comfortable and so easy to wear and I particularly loved the summer colours.

I also lived in these sandals. It was summer and walking around a lot meant that heels weren't always the best option. It was so good to wear open toe shoes again. Currently in Melbourne's winter, open toe shoes are not really an option.


Joelyne TheSydneyGirl said...

beautiful dress! adore the colours and pattern!


The Sydney Girl


Anonymous said...

Love that colour on you! Very cute dress! Just beautiful!