Miss Bias

09 August 2012

Downtown in Gastown

When staying in Downtown Vancouver, one of the great places to visit for exquisite food, shopping and atmosphere was Gastown. It was an extremely interesting part of town where the edges of poverty collided with the edges of new upscale housing. During the day it was a wonderful area to peruse the contemporary and chic fashion and interior boutiques and then at night a fabulous hub for live music venues and nightclubs.

It was about 9pm at night when these photos were taken. I couldn't get over how early the sun rose and how late the sun set throughout the summer in Canada. Although it was hard to adjust to sleeping with the long days of daylight, I wasn't complaining since I had left behind the cold and drizzly winter of Melbourne for 3 weeks to enjoy as much sun as possible.

And Canada delivered just that.

These are my favourite shoes at present. I love both the colour and the chunky heels. Thanks Steve Madden.


Sevan said...

gorgeous! love those heels too x


Anonymous said...

I don't usually love peep hole heels! But am loving them with this outfit!