Miss Bias

20 August 2012

Floral arrangement

It was a super crisp Monday in Melbourne. Although incredibly cold, it was rather refreshing. I wanted to showcase my Sunday bargain purchases. I had some time to kill whilst waiting for my car to be detailed, so I decided to walk over to the local Target store just to get out of the chilly winds and low and behold, they were having an enormous sale.

I picked up this jacket for $19.95. I had been looking for a brown/tan jacket and at this price, I couldn't resist.

I found this floral blouse so pretty and at the low cost of $9.83, it was a must have.

I also snagged the belt at an amazing discounted price of $7.65.

So for all three items, it cost me in total $37.43. Budget bargain shopping at it's best right there.

Rest of outfit details:

Black slip - Witchery
Jeans - Levi's
Shoes - Barkins
Earrings - Lovisa

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Great buys! You so need to take me bargain shopping!