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25 August 2012

How to wear a Peplum - Inspiration

I haven't yet jumped on the Peplum trend, but so want to. I do remember making a skirt for work last year that featured a peplum but that was before peplum's took off again in the world of fashion. So I'd like to go and get a peplum item for my wardrobe. Only problem is, what sort do I go for. Here are some inspirational examples.

The Lace Peplum Dress 
 Image source: chanikwabonquiquiwoogi.tumblr.com

The Sheer Peplum
 Image source: chatadegalocha.com

The Printed Short Suit Peplum
Image source: fashiongonerogue.com

The Floral Peplum
 Image source: freshlygiven.com

The Long Sleeve Embellished Peplum
 Image source: inthecitywithcrystalin.tumblr.com

The Couture Peplum
Image source: left-my-heart-in-paris.tumblr.com 

The Eclectic Peplum
 Image source: lilaesthete.wordpress.com

The Oversize Asymmetrical Peplum
Image source: theyallhateus.com

The Structured Peplum
Image source: honestylwtf.com


Théa Unknown said...

Lovely peplum!

Théa Unknown

Anonymous said...

Didn't even know what peplum was before this blog! Love love love it! I will be purchasing some peplum!