Miss Bias

28 August 2012

Pink Lips

Well I hope that you all had fabulous weekends. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to shake off my stubborn flu but however, did manage to lose my voice for a night. In which, some might say that would've been a bad thing. Ha ha...But, it did return. Not to it's original key range though. I'm currently supporting a husky, low key (even a little sultry) vocal note, in which without looking at me I could easily be mistaken for someone other than myself (in which I feel that, that might not be a bad thing). Ha ha!

But enough about that. What I did want to mention more importantly was my new blue stone pendant, pink knit poncho and my new love for neon pink lipstick.

The pendant, I found at the awesome little accessories and homewares store in Canada, called Funktional. The pink knit poncho I thrifted for $5 (amazing buy) and the pink lipstick is from M.A.C Cosmetics.

I was in a creative spirit when editing these photos and thought I'd funk it up a little. Adding a little interest with some hot pink. Amazing that I didn't alter the colour of my lips but just turned everything outside of my lips black and white. End result - crazy pop of colour!

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Anonymous said...

I so love you in black and white photos! Beautiful pendant!Im really loving that brown belt as well.