Miss Bias

23 August 2012

Staple accessory

Unfotunately, it's been a week of trying to get over a very irritating sore throat and cough as well as trying to battle against other flu symptoms. I'm hoping that today is the last of it and I can go into Friday and the weekend with a clean bill of health. Since my head has been pounding like a jackhammer and with the sensation of swallowing razor blades, the couch has been my workstation for most of this week. I was looking through some photos I took about a month ago and realised that I very rarely show photos on the blog of me wearing my glasses. I got these frames earlier in the year from Specsavers. If I had to say what my staple accessory was every week, then my glasses would be it.

Talking about accessories, I also found this photo that I took wearing this fantastic owl ring. I love big, bold animal rings. I have a few now. I should start a little personal collection.

What personal collections do you have?

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Anonymous said...

Love you with glasses! Very intelligent, sophisticated look!No collections at the moment, still deciding!