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26 September 2012

Neon Fashion Trends

"Neon" and "Fluoro" are the newest words to be associated with the latest fashion trends. So if you haven't heard these words or seen these colours in stores, then get out from underneath your rock. 

If you're a little lost on how to incorporate the bold colours of neons and fluoros, then here are few tips and inspiration.

Play it safe - if you are the boldest of fashionistas but still love to keep up with the current trends, then simply add just one item of neon/fluoro to your outfit. A neon coloured bag is a perfect way to do this.

Source: Pinterest

Solid colour and subtle print - not sure if you are the type to pull off the full head to toe colour blocking but love neon colours. Mix a solid colour with a print that has complimentary neon colours to get a stand out ensemble without comprising your personality.

 Source: http://theberry.com

Two tone - complimentary neon colours paired together are simply fabulous. Neon pink and orange appear to be the most popular combination but mix up the colours to get a unique look that sets you apart from others.

Colour blocking - if you have a bold and bashful personality then don't hold back with full colour blocking. This is so hot right now.

Source: labohemian

Boys - just because you are male, it doesn't mean that current fashion trends don't apply to you. Get on board with the neon/flouro trend. You don't have to do full colour blocking head to toe but by adding just one piece to your outfit, will have you looking super cool.

Shoes - as with adding a neon coloured bag to your outfit, the same applies with shoes. Go out and get more than one colour to mix up your wardrobe.

Shoes with an edge - take a step further with your neon shoes and add some edgy, cool details to them to really make a statement with this trend.

Source: Pinterest

Nails - so simple to do and so simple to achieve an on trend look. Multiple colours on one hand or two tone nails are also a great way to add a little creativity and personality to your look.

Source: Pinterest

Accessories - the more the better!

Lip service - create a gorgeous pout with a neon lipstick.

Neon eyes - if you are bored with simple one tone and neutral eye shadow, get creative with as many neon colours as possible.

Source: beautylish.com


Vanessa Lucy said...

Loving neons, and that satchel is amazing! I like how theres just a hint off it not like a whole outfit of neon as that would look awful :) ha



Anonymous said...

Loving the Neons! That eye make up is beautiful! Love the solid colour and subtile print! That's what I would pull off!