Miss Bias

29 October 2012

Accessory Style

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope that you all had wonderful weekends. My weekend was taken up by a Saturday morning Crossfit session at Vault Performance and then followed by a Nutritional Seminar, in which I found highly informative and invaluable. Since I have such a busy schedule, I hope to use some of the information and tips to help improve my energy levels in both managing my daily activities and to help with energy levels during my workouts. I am a great believer that good health can help with leading a happy and fulfilled life and at the moment I need all the energy possible. Then the rest of the weekend was sewing my original garments for my final year collection and resting when I could.

When I attended the Style Review event last week, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of other fabulous women and their accessory style. These accessories were just too lovely not to share.