Miss Bias

12 November 2012

Sacred Geometry 2012

Over the past couple of months, I've been working on creating a final portfolio of the works that I have completed during my time studying fashion design at Whitehouse Institute of Design. It is slowly coming together and I wanted to share some of the final images with you all. 

These shots were from a recent photoshoot that I put together for my evening wear designs that I created earlier in the year. The brief was based around the idea of fragments and cloth and I worked with the concept of Sacred Geometry and the fragments that are the key elements of Sacred Geometry. Keeping with a soft and feminine aesthetic, I created my own fabric print design and matched this with soft silk tulle to create a light and flowy collection that I felt women would feel fabulous wearing. 

Photography by Nixz Kerr 
Editing by Nic Doncon
Make up by Kat G Davidson of Captive Beauty
Models were Stefanie and Kathyrn
Styling and Design by moi


Amber said...

Wow! These are amazing. You designed these gowns?! I love love LOVE the silhouette of them... so pretty and feminine.

The photos are cool too... I like the geometry play. very beautiful. well done.

how do you feel about it?

xox, amber

Miss Bias said...

Hi Amber

Thank you kindly for you lovely comment.

Yes, I designed these gowns earlier in the year for my uni studies. It was an evening wear brief. I had a lot of fun working on these designs. I used the geometry concept in the silhouette, construction and print design, whilst trying to achieve a soft and feminine aesthetic.

I was really happy with the outcome. The first dress that you see is actually a full wrap dress, which was an interesting and challenging process to achieve but successful and rewarding in the end.

Miss Bias xx