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10 December 2012

Daniel Wellington

Well it's only a couple of weeks before Christmas. I know! Where did the year go?! Crazy how time flies and before you know it, you are sitting back wondering what happened in the time that past you by. It's been an interesting and extremely busy year, so I am grateful it is coming to the part of the year, where I can start to wind down, relax and enjoy life in the slow lane. 

It's also coming to that time of year where we give and receive gifts to show our love and appreciation to our close friends and family. I recently found such a splendid gift that many would definitely love and appreciate. The Daniel Wellington Watch. 

Stylish, refined, minimalistic and versatile, the Daniel Wellington watch is a perfect gift for both your male and female friends and/or family members. I'm not someone who wears a watch as I normally look at my iphone for the time, but I find that the simplicity and elegance of the Daniel Wellington watch will be easy to wear with many of the items in my wardrobe and may even take away my constant need to look at my iphone every 5-10 minutes....

I'm wearing the Classic Sheffield Lady with it's black leather band, rose gold ring and eggshell white clock face. 

With a traditional and classic face and numerous interchangeable Nato strap styles, this watch can bring about a sense of diversity with minimal effort.

What's even better is that for all Miss Bias readers, you can receive a 15% discount from the Daniel Wellington online store simply by using the code word "bianca." 

There's no need to be stuck for Christmas presents this year.

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