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03 December 2012

Fashion Illustrations by Madelein

Well it's been a massive couple of weeks, but finally, I have completed all of my assessments for my Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design). It's been such a long and challenging journey, but I am so glad that I have now finished. The hard work paid off and last week, myself and my fellow uni colleagues successfully presented our signature collections to family, friends and industry contacts. I'll have photos up very soon. 

But in the meantime, I wanted to showcase to you the wonderful illustrative works of my lovely friend Madelein. I asked if she would be interested in illustrating a couple of my designs and she was delighted to. The funny thing is, I was delighted that she interested, because she is so very talented as you can see from her beautiful drawings below.

Drape Dress one from my "Sustained Colour 2012" Collection

Drape Dress two

Madelein loves to draw and is currently freelancing as an illustrator and tattoo designer. Truly talented! 

For illustration and design work, you can contact Madelein on 0438 460 774.

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