Miss Bias

11 January 2013

Gladiator Gold

Happy Friday!!

Well I've managed to survive the first week back at work. Luckily, I was able to ease myself into and out of the week leading into my first weekend of the new year in Melbourne. It was a scorching hot day today, but the temperatures are forecasted to ease back down to bearable degrees fitting for a comfortable and relaxed weekend.

Having a little time this afternoon, I thought I should show off some of the jewellery that I purchased during my holidays. Gold was on my wardrobe addition agenda and whilst I was on an agenda, I decided that gladiator inspired pieces could add a nice "statement" touch.

All pieces are from Lovisa


Men's Fashion Online said...

Love your earrings and the bracelet..:)

Mica said...

Lovely pieces, I really like that bracelet! :)


Anonymous said...

Agree, love the bracelet!!!