Miss Bias

27 January 2013

Koukla Intimates

So I'm not a big wearer of lingerie or any other underwear that isn't Bonds but I thought that 2013 would be a great year to start getting out of my comfort zone and spice things up a little. Since, I like what I wear underneath my clothes to be comfortable, I needed to find a lingerie/underwear label that would make me feel just that. This is a big reason why I don't wear lingerie, I can never find the right style or fit that feels comfortable. But when I was introduced to Koukla Intimates, I was pleasantly surprised with both the fit and the variety of styles. 

Koukla's range is super cute, sexy and fun and there are a number of styles to suit a variety of tastes. I probably chose the safest and most conservative of styles (ha ha ha...baby steps) but I feel really comfortable, which in turn, will make me feel confident and for me that's what's important. Plus the range is very reasonably priced and highly affordable. Tick, tick.

I'm wearing the Velvet Temptation Boyshorts and Babydoll slip, in which I just LOVE the colour.


Anonymous said...

Love love love this outfit! You look amazing Miss Bias!!!! Great colour on you ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! You look fantastic and the colour is perfect on you!

Anonymous said...

Love the simple but super cute design! Awesome colour!