Miss Bias

04 January 2013

Photo Diary - Summer Holiday

HELLO 2013!!!

I've been out of action for the past couple of weeks, whilst I've been on a fabulous beach loving holiday. I headed up to my hometown of Townsville to see the family for Christmas, where I spent Christmas Day at my Grandmother's beach house. The rest of the time in Townsville was all about hitting The Strand, Pallarenda & Rockpool for lots of sunbaking and swimming, dining at great restaurants and catching up with my lovely, life long friends.

The young ladies of my family together at Christmas

When my time was up in North Queensland, I then ventured south to the gorgeous Gold Coast, where sun, surf and good times are all evident on a daily basis. I've had such an awesome time here. This is a destination where the daily grind is left behind and relaxation and enjoyment take over. It is the land of beautiful beaches, beautiful waves, beautiful hospitality, and beautiful people. Actually I find just about everything here......beautiful!

And stress......what stress......stress does not exist here!


Amanda said...

Hope you had a lovely break, happy new year.
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Amanda xo

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the family girls!!! Love it!!!