Miss Bias

03 February 2013

Oxford St Provocative Premonition

Well I just got back from a small trip to Sydney. Apart from the miserable weather in the last couple of days, it was a great time away catching up with close friends, attending sporting events and revisiting some of the wonderful spots that Sydney has to offer. I was staying just around the corner from Oxford St and I don't think that I have ever taken the time (even during the time that I lived in Sydney) to visit the fabulous boutiques that the street has to offer. 

Along with the fabulous fashion, great cafes and nightlife, the overall vibe I got from Oxford St, I think might have placed it into the top spot for my favourite street in Sydney. I definitely found a soft spot for two locally owned boutiques, that I just fell in love with. 

Provocator - designed and produced in Sydney, this label offers a unique and artistic edge to the concept of modern draping. Transeasonal and unisex, the garments are made with resilient quality fabrics that cater to a diversified and fashionable market. Very cool indeed!

Source: Provocator.com.au

Premonition - another Australian label, designed by Premal Patel, started out offering a highly creative collection of menswear and has now turned the creative brilliance into a newly created womenswear line. Seriously, I was really knocked for six, when looking through the racks of the menswear designs. Interesting, quirky, creative, intelligent, fine quality, refined, embellished are all adjectives that come to mind when describing this label. It just so happens to be my brother's birthday tomorrow and you guessed it....he's going to be one lucky guy when he receives my gift. There was no way I could've walked out of this store without purchasing something (or a few things).

Source: Premonition.worldsecuresystems.com


The Wardrobe Stylist said...

Love the menswear style here. Avant garde but classy. Come by the-wardrobe-stylist.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

Love the Premonition brand!!! My partner always visits this store when we are in Sydney!!!! It is a must on his list!!! The other label I have never heard off. Will have to go and check it out!!!!