Miss Bias

11 February 2013

Thrifted colours

So I recently did some thrift shopping and let me say "how much fun is thrift shopping?!" You can really find some amazing things from thrift stores. I literally have a whole bag, full of items from a few local neighbourhood stores. I get a real buzz coming across fabulous fashionable and non fashion related items that people have decided they don't want anymore and have allowed someone else to enjoy their fabulousness. 

The summer weather here in Melbourne over the past week has been so lovely. Beautiful sunny days at wonderful, comfortable and warm temperatures, that you would be a fool not to be outdoors at some point during the day. 

Today, I was feeling a little unwell in the morning and thought that I could possibly feel much better if I got some Vitamin D and fresh air. And it turned out to be a good remedy. Also, dressing up in colour always helps with making me feel more vibrant when I'm feeling unwell or down.

I've never owned or worn a turban, so today, I lost my turban virginity and I'm so glad that I did. I love it! I think the colour had my love at first sight.

I also sometimes like to wear things unconventionally. I like the idea that I can own something that has more than one purpose or function. This top is in fact a scarf that I've just wrapped around my upper torso to create a summer halter neck top. 

Well I hope that you all had wonderful weekends and today was a great start to the working week.


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Anonymous said...

Loving the colours Miss Bias!!!! You are pulling off the turban in this look!!! Very hard to do and you still look fashionable!!! Love love love it!!!!