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01 March 2013

March Man of Style - Eddie Redmayne

February went by so fast and I have been sick for over a week now and just didn't get a chance to do February's Man of Style. So with it being Friday and the first day of March, this post has now become March's Man of Style (and it also probably works as an end of week eye candy pick me up too...hehehe).

With the Oscars just recently been and gone, I drew on the style of one of my favourite best dressed men, Mr Eddie Redmayne. This man knows how to wear a suit. I don't think I was able to find a bad photo of Eddie wearing a suit. 

Hollywood Suave - a fabulous tuxedo style going on here with the individualistic fine details with the shoes, buttons, cuff links and watch. Perfection!

Tan it up - Normally not a fan of brown suits but with the black, white and red accents and the subtle check suit fabric detail, this look is spot on.

Check mate - the grey & mauve coloured checks accented with the black and grey tie is very refreshing. 

Velvet love - It's hard for men (and women) to pull off velvet and particularly head to toe but Eddie's done a great job here by adding the crisp white shirt, skinny tie and pocket hankerchief. Brown shoes also to add a little personal style. The colour of the suit helps too.

Suitable enough - not exactly a suit, but wearing a style that's very similar looking to a suit, works a treat. Cool colours of grey and blue with a hint of dashing red (and polka dots - love it). A layered look with a sharp fitted blazor really speaks volumes.

Monochromatic - not 100% sure if this is a full suit (but see point above) however, the classic navy blue and hues of blue in different fabric textures makes this look appear to ooze a great sense of Mr Cool.

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Anonymous said...

I am so loving his style!! If only all men knew how to dress like this!!!! I am becoming quite a fan of his fashion wardrobe!!!!