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22 April 2013

April Men's Style

As long term readers would know, I equally love menswear as much as womenswear, so I thought it only fitting to share some fabulous trends and inspirational imagery for the gents who are wanting to be fashionable during the upcoming colder months. 

Of course layering is a given, but it's how the layering is put together that is the key. Below are some great examples of interesting and stylish layering. From bomber jackets over knits, tailored jackets over puffer vests, denim over suit vests to contrast of colour combinations and tailoring vs casual, there are a variety of ways that men can add an interesting flavour to their wardrobes this winter. Also note that an eye for details and accessories will take your look from "He's got a good look" to "He's got some serious style going on."

Sources: Pinterest

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Anonymous said...

I love when you do blogs about mens fashion!!! You choose such great garment combinations!!! Love love love!!!!