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01 April 2013

On Holidays in NZ....

Happy Easter everyone! 

I hope that you all celebrated Easter with loved ones and didn't go too hard on the chocolates.... I had an insanely busy few weeks leading up to the Easter break but I just had to manage the best I could until the break (hence why there has only been one or two posts on the blog per week). But there was light at the end of that whirlwind hectic tunnel and I'm currently in NZ for a week's holiday. Yay!!

So I'm spending the time stress free, relaxing and taking time out to just enjoy my surroundings. What I love about going on holidays is that I don't actually have to worry about the "time" and being a slave to it. It's nice to just go with the flow.

Unfortunately, I have limited access to the internet so I won't be able to blog to often but I'll try and do some smaller blog posts to give you all some sneak peak's at the lovely areas that I'll be visiting whilst here in NZ.

My Grandma knitted this cape for me at the end of last year for this year's upcoming cooler months. Although, it's beautiful weather here in NZ, it did get a little nippy for me so I put the cape to use. But maybe secretly I wanted to channel a "Little Red Riding Hood" style, whilst visiting the native rainforests and waterfalls.....hehehehe

Here are few images from my trip so far.

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