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12 May 2013

Stanley Does Style

Well it appears that I really don't have enough hours in the day to successfully give 100% to all the things that I am involved in right now. I've had to ease off on spending time on the blog in order to focus on my work and other creative projects. I've been working on setting up a Freelance Styling and Creative Services business, which goes by the name of "Stanley Does Style."

Please head over to my temporary portfolio website here or to my Facebook page here. But I thought I'd also share some of my recent fashion styling works with you here on the blog.

Water Fun

Photographer: Georgia Wiggs, Model: Emma Lewis, H&MU: Kylie Fenech, Styling: Moi

 Street Sophistication

 Photographer: Chareli Seet, Model: Lana Wang, H&MU: Jodie Yarrow, Designs by Saskia Baur and Gretchen Geoghegan, Styling: Moi

Soft Pastels

Photographer: Caterina Fizzano, Model: Dallas Jays, H&MU: Kat G Davidson, Styling and Design: Moi

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Anonymous said...

I am really loving your styling!!!! Great colour combinations!!!!