Miss Bias

13 June 2013

Fashionably Fit

Well it's becoming too long between posts. Where does the time go these days? I hope that all of you are well and enjoying life. It's been a crazy number of months working on so many different projects but I have had fun whilst doing it all. Trying to slow down a little over the next couple of months.

I'm not sure if my readers (and new readers, welcome) are aware that I'm into health and fitness and spend a number of days a week training and leading an active lifestyle because I just love feeling healthy and like to keep my body in good shape.

As you would know, I have been doing lots of styling work under Stanley Does Style (which you can see here) and for this particular shoot, I somehow managed to become the stylist and the model. It wasn't planned to happen that way but in the end, these were the results.


Anonymous said...

Great photo shoot!! I am so loving this look for you especially the hair style!!! Gorgeous styling with great colours!! Love love love it!!!!

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