Miss Bias

19 June 2013

Personalised Winter Style

Winter is well and truly here in Melbourne. With temperatures daily between 10-14 degrees, it's extremely difficult to get out of bed each morning and face the day and even harder if it's overcast and raining. But there is the occasional day where the sun is out and the air is cold and crisp yet refreshing.

It's days like these that help with the prevention of this QLD sunshine girl from falling into the depths of winter despair.

I've recently picked up on a new look that I've been supporting this winter. The body con/oversize/ankle boot combination. Where I've been tending to wear a body snug long sleeve or mid sleeve dress or tights and top, layered with an oversize knit/vest or top and paired with ankle boots. 

I think I've managed to wear the same sort of combination with various different items from my wardrobe at least 4/5 times a week.

Here is one look that I was wearing on the weekend. It wasn't overly cold (which was very surprising) so I was able to get away with having bare legs and just ankle socks under my boots.

Are you wearing a particular look this fall/winter?


Kirsty said...

Such a great look! What a great idea for winter... I realy am struggling to get out of bed it's cold here!
x Kirsty

Anonymous said...

What a great outfit!! Love the colours!!! Very cute boots I must say!!!!

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