Miss Bias

14 July 2013

Avila Activewear

I'm always interested in finding and supporting new and upcoming designers and labels as I find that there is something really great about seeing new creative ideas. I have really strong interests in leading a healthy, fit and active lifestyle (which you can probably see here) and always on the look out for great activewear for either working out in or simply wearing on a casual day, where I want to be really comfortable and still rather stylish. 

I can't say that I have found a label that really speaks to my aesthetic until......the lovely Ashleigh of Avila Activewear launched her label and first luxe sportswear collection.

With environmentally sustainable design considerations and Australian made, the Avila range promotes and supports a happy and healthy lifestyle that strives to find the balance between comfort, style and function that women of any age can wear.

Great neutral colours and ease of wear at an affordable price, I really love the garments in this collection.


TheGirlinOslo said...

Great style:)
Have a nice day

Fire and Shine said...

Great designs. I really love your socks, very funky. Love the flattering designs.